Galaxy Note 10 Leak Suddenly Details Samsung’s Exciting Smartphone

I am not ready to succumb to the new Galaxy S10, because I love my Note too much to change.  Some people get it, and some don’t.  I have seen the S10 and don’t get me wrong, it is a bad-ass device.  But it’s not a Note!

The Galaxy Note 10 which looks like Samsung’s best smartphone of 2019 and now new information doubles down on this…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept



Citing “a source familiar with the subject” popular, long-running tech site SlashGear has received a full breakdown of the main Galaxy Note 10 features. And it looks like one head-turning handset.


SlashGear states the Galaxy Note 10 will come with a 6.6 to 6.66-inch panel and screen-to-body ratio in excess of 89%. The native resolution will be 1440 x 3040 pixels, matching the 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 Plus.

These details tie-on with previous sources and the Note 10’s high screen-to-body ratio (the Note 9 has 83%) is achieved by switching to the Galaxy S10’s new punch hole screen tech.


Also backing-up existing reports, SlashGear says the Galaxy Note 10 will deliver integrated 5G at launch rather than being restricted to a super-premium niche model as with the Galaxy S10. At this stage, however, it is thought this will be achieved with a dedicated 5G modem rather than an integrated chip Samsung is expected to debut closer to 2020.

This is an abbreviated portion of the entire article which can be found here: Galaxy Note 10 Leak Suddenly Details Samsung’s Exciting Smartphone.