This is an article I read in the  NY Times about procrastination.  The first time procrastination was brought to my attention was the 4th grade, Mrs. Austin.  It comes and goes but when it is behind you, watch out for the results.

Is procrastination about time management or feelings? It’s the latter, according to Tim Pychyl, a psychology professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, as  we try to manage negative feelings around performing a certain task . That’s because, from an evolutionary standpoint, we’re built to prioritize short-term needs over long-term ones. The problem is, putting off the necessary spawns negative feelings of its own, such as stress. How to cope with these and perhaps slay procrastination in the process? A few ideas:

  • Try self-forgiveness and self-compassion
  • Focus on the rewarding aspects of completing a dreaded task or only on the next action needed to do so
  • Make the act of procrastinating more inconvenient (delete those social media apps).