I have been looking for a replacement for my sort of operational MS Trackball Explorer 1.0 for over 10-years.  Well I finally found one.  The Elecom Huge


This thing is the shit.  It also has programmable buttons that work on WIN and MAC, but unfortunately not LINUX, yet.

I will up date this post in a few weeks after I get used to it.  So far a 10 out of 10


 Update.  have been using the HUGE for a almost a month now and I am still in love.  The only change that I would personally make would be to orientate the thumb buttons further forward of the rest.  It is sometimes awkward to keep thumb in locked position when utilizing repetitive left clicks.

Other than that….. WOW !!!!

If you love trackballs, you cannot go wrong.

Mark Andrews, 8/9/19