I found this article at jalopnik.com.  I have had British cars before and have experienced Lucas first hand so this article hits home in the best way.  Please read on…..


I was going to do this for yesterday, but since it was April Fool’s day I decided to hold off, since everything about this headline sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke. Lucas Electrics has been continually roasted by gearheads more than a pig on a spit, and if that spit was being turned by a Lucas Electric motor, one side would be burned to cinders while the other remained frozen. So, as you can imagine, the idea that Lucas, the Prince of Darkness, built an entire car, made entirely of Lucas parts, might seem like a joke to people.

But it wasn’t a joke, mostly because the1973 OPEC oil embargo was very much not a joke, either. That oil embargo scared Lucas into looking into some non-oil-based options for cars, which is why they started an electric car project in 1975.

 The rest of the story, if you have not found it yet is HERE

With Lucas, you can keep pushing on !!!