“You can’t rationalize with the customer.”

The moment you start trying to justify what it is you do and the value you provide by focusing on all the nitty-gritty things, you’ve lost.

Rationalizing with people only devalues what it is you do.

You have to show them the vision. You have to get them to see emotional impact.

This is what people do when I tell them what I charge as a writer. They say, “That’s absurd, I could hire a copywriter for $25 an hour on Craigslist. I pay someone five cents per word.”

Yes. You absolutely could.

And what you would get back is a bunch of words on a page, fulfilling your rationalized expectation.

What you won’t get is the conviction, the voice, the tone you want representing you and everything you do. What you won’t get is someone emailing you after saying, “I was extremely impressed with the piece you just published today.”

Rationalizing with the customer would be, in this example, focusing on how much they are paying per word or per piece.

I don’t rationalize. I show them the real value I am providing, which always focuses on a desired outcome.